Happy May Day – Expat Lunch Moved For This Week

Moved to Indigo on Playa Brava this week! More below.

We don’t regularly post the Atlántida English-Speakers Luncheon notices any more because we at the Uruguay Expat Life/Uruguay For Me site network no longer are regulars at that group, and that group has never accepted our multiple offers to pass along their news. That was why we originally launched that site, to donate it to them with them having primary editorial control, but our offer was refused. We’re now an independent voice, with occasional posts about Expat / Immigrant life in this immediate area, events of interest, news, and commentary, when it has a local angle better for here than for our primary Uruguay Expat Life site.

We do want to pass along, from that group, this very late notice, that we only got in our email from one of the regulars in that group (not the organizer) late last night – Due to the May Day Holiday today, their regular venue, the excellent El Autor restaurant in Centro, is closed for the day. Since today is the first Thursday of the month, there still is a meeting, and they are holding it at the Indigo Restaurant on the Playa Brava ramba. We already Tweeted that via our @UruguayForMe Twitter, but we know there are 60 or so readers of our site regularly here, and many are not otherwise social media users except perhaps for one Facebook group we’re not in.

With that independent editorial voice we will say this: The owners of this website have no intention to return to Indigo again. We have tried it three times, gotten slow and inattentive service at best (even when someone in our party was choking!), and the food was mediocre-to-bad on each visit, when compared to the venues such as the restaurant at Viapark Hotel (nearby in Parque del Plata and a former expat luncheon venue), to El Autor, to La Birra (sadly closed offseason but our favorite Centro restaurant), to Don Vito, or even to chain La Pasiva. For example, the rabas (fried calamari) at Indigo, it was bad compared with a box of frozen calamari from the Supermercado Disco! (And was obviously frozen and old.) However the view is awesome.

Though Indigo’s view is no more awesome than the well-run cooperativa 13 de Agosto’s worker-managed Parador Piedra Lisa less than a km further up the rambla. Which is a quite appropriate May Day mention.

For an alternate take on Indigo, here’s a brief review at the end of a travel article about Uruguay’s beaches, where the writer, Claudia Campos, ended her “Beach Tour of Uruguay” here in Atlántida, with a meal at Indigo and enjoyed it. From, of all unlikely places, The Boston Globe! (Hometown newspaper for one of the owners of this site and adopted hometown of the other.) That author felt the fish was “delectable” and supposedly it was freshly-caught that morning. Perhaps we should have had the fish.

We hope that in the future, the expat group considers other choices for Rambla Playa Brava restaurants. In Centro, we do like El Autor a lot. But there are other good choices too, and we personally have always gotten excellent service from that group’s former venue, Don Vito, so we have never comprehended why that group openly rejected Don Vito. However, it’s a free country here in Uruguay! So of course the choice of the majority, with adequate care given to the views of the minority, should win the day. Being Labor Day worldwide, perhaps also considering the mode and management and worker involvement and rights as well.