We Support Expat Businesses around Atlántida – Sausage Edition!

cartoon-style drawing of sausage linksWe support Expat-owned businesses, of course, in addition to the local Uruguayan-owned businesses that are the heart of the Atlántida, Uruguay economy. We are happy to support expat business news, and share it with the community. In many cases we also support them directly.

Click for the file as a PDF.
Click for the file as a PDF.

One of our local expat couples started a sausage business about a year ago, making artisanal sausage and other meats. J and M Sausage Factory. They don’t have a website, so most people haven’t even heard of them outside of the folks who attend the Atlántida English Speakers luncheons, or those who use the Facebook “Uruguay Expats” discussion group. Even there, they only have a Microsoft Word document stored in a “Files” section, nothing you can simple browse to on the web and display easily.

So we’re happy to put their most recent Product and Price List right here! (pdf download). They posted it on Feb 4, 2014 and identified it as their “2014 price list”, but of course it may be subject to change.

We have no business arrangement with them, we just want to help out fellow expats/immigrants to Uruguay in our Atlántida region. We’ve previously had some of their products at the former fast-meals restaurant of Viapark Hotel in Parque del Plata, before Viapark** changed that to a full-service fine-dining restaurant Sal y Ajo. We don’t know if Sal y Ajo serves items from J and M, but we do know that J and M sausage is yummy!

* That Facebook Group “Uruguay Expats” is entirely unrelated to the “Uruguay Expat Life/Uruguay For Me” site network, sponsors of AtlantidaExpats.com.
** Viapark Hotel is a basic website client of our own Southern Cross Web and Social Marketing, but is not currently using us for marketing and this is not a paid mention, nor was any consideration received of any sort for this reference. It is informational-only.